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the big guns from heidi so jim and the chill in the last say in the french capital the kitty kitty as gm of the road stretching eleven weeks that one again gaining ground on second place monica and noodle was assigned to me and together the first offer that on the premise was a damp squid in the french giants went in off thai meal they later ported to something a job in the brazilian wax will have his side ahead on fifty minutes and let acute care bout me back after injury he had to have them in the seventy ninth minute to nail party sentiments that i resent him and now a two point lead at the top of the table. well that's it for the court to see you next monday for another roundup of your top football fixtures jesus was. i do. i did. ch the growing international pressure russia showed no sign of normalizing is crimean presents. ukraine is now accused equipment is seizing key border posts and deploying sixteen thousand russian troops in the region since last friday. i'm an easy standoff assisted many areas. with deceased ukrainian outfit so willing to stand down. oh well. he also claims
things or looking that way now is that often consumers have no way of knowing if jim as are interfering not because there's no way beyond genetically modified ingredients. and this is one tiny solution we can take to get the consumer says the average consumers the information they need to empower them to make the choices that they need for their diets. now though there's been no studies on india mullahs and their safety for chronically ill people do you believe that they're safe for people from elements as well. i can speak from experience and that is hearing from people who are chronically ill to get cia mossad of their diet they see an improved quality of life i think at that rate there is anecdotal but it's people's real life experience as an add something to take into consideration when looking at it and looking at opportunities for this research. tell me at odd hours of this study that ruling came by to say to you as celiac disease. the state that further testing is to be done and we were talking about this what kinds of hats and specific. do we need while we did some independent r
. zion . jim johnson and kill him. who has said iran speaking to her crime is no just a threat to israel but to europe as well all speaking as a joint news conference with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu interest when casey came to iran stylistic miso program is closely connected to sneak in a capability to live in the coastal shores of daunting to romp to the pits my sensitivity to their projects and which netanyahu police could lead to ways that mikayla armament he labelled the mainstream due in november as a historic mistake a subterranean current motor system sunroof jaime was like a wolf in sheep's clothing. the gem and johnson will also expressed great concern said israel's continuing west bank system and building program. however she agreed with the snow into supporting a boycott of israeli products in protest would any hint of the piece princess michael insisted tough decisions which have been made in any two state solution deal and the place parties' it might just have to agree to disagree. but now was so pissed and upset the delicate while much concessions from all si
and michele bachmann and representative jim jordan i spoke earlier with mark live band hanson was the biggest motivating force behind the tea party today you have millions of individuals who love the country who do not want to fundamentally transform to believe in liberty and private property rights of the rule of law and so this is why with the tea party movement a conservative constitutional movement. and that's our heritage and are trying to protect preserve our heritage to the tea party still has a very active boys and watching ten pc in the tea party patriots are operating on three sets of values one a constitutionally limited government fiscal responsibility and free market economics that one member of this organization has taken individual initiative. it's in the pew and she is looking to oust a very influential voice by the end of this year twenty fourteen is going to be an absolutely fantastic year the tea party movement to enhance band inspired by so many in every state for many good restaurants. and we have most definitely the potential to add more constitutional conservatives in c
's lost in all flaws as well as you said he was effectively forced a rezoning that day is that jim and president when prosecutions to loose this investigation and when the mall is anybody to the media began to recruit christie and most evenings it became pretty clear that no more than one occasion he had at least appeared to below the line between he's a spry differentiates he's presumed conte said his business associates. matt and he weeded people folder there was something possibly a maze he didn't handle the prices are very well is evil study says he's paid a high price for that since it is unlikely he'll return to politics. so now the prosecutors who brought this case the ants will have some explaining to do. yes nothing big dvd doesn't like the taste of the zealous to proceed teaches going even further than the evidence merely letting you might tell us to some people out with this shouldn't be a mechanism that prevents the political fallout from a case like this with the ramifications when there's been no wrongdoing of course most people say everyone is equal under the mall i
and pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs us state department spokesperson jim said keyes says the united states supports japan's efforts to resolve outstanding issues with north korea in a transparent manner. officials from the us japan and south korea have been working together to court in aid their policy on the north's nuclear program. a team of japanese engineers has tested a system that is intended to reduce the swaying of skyscrapers during powerful earthquakes. it consists of a massive pendulum that will counteract any movement in the building caused by a quake many buildings in tokyo and osaka should slowly and quietly during the two thousand and eleven earthquake. even though the epicenter was hundreds of kilometers away. the swaying stop the elevators and damage the walls and ceilings engineers have been studying ways to reinforce high rise buildings again this long period the ground of motion they tested the new system that's been installed on the roof of the research facility near tokyo the three hundred tonne pendulum moves in the opposite direction of the way to reduce this
she's he did not identify the principal chris and are pretty kitty referred to start jim morris mccain he said he does not justify the means to record their mission was a serious breach of confidence. there is also a person's sense of betrayal he said. he went on to say he's enthusiastic supporter of the mystery in his programme of reform the on the scene of a mom a sudden concern the last eighteen months. has shown me this is the shutter to be unfit for his office we were provided with information between established was really incredible that we felt that it was in the interest that that information and be built just be investigated for but in a statement mr conley said he would continue to preserve the confidentiality of the outgoing office the teacher was asked today if he should cooperate with the revue but barrister shown here in the face looking far information that he doesn't have. and i dispose of. duch the former confidante recipient of a convict who didn't cooperate with them and i would expect. you get to do just that respect he tells the judge gives us after weeks of contr
humanitarian issue but as our team jim reports many expect tongue and to turn the offer down it's the education ministry sent a written proposal to county on wednesday suggesting that makes you curious quilt tops i made him the unions for families separated by the korea war. regular events deputy spokesperson custody and said the ministry proposed holding a brown of working level direct costs hawks next wednesday to stop the inside of common stock which is located on the key factor for teaching the two periods. the offer follows has an impact in his call for regular family of the unions during a speech on march first which she pointed out that tens of thousands of south koreans remain on a waiting list to see their long lost love ones in the north. the last round of the union's two weeks ago with a first in more than three years young and has yet to respond to seoul's proposal. local media outlets in seoul say pyongyang is likely to reject the offer and instead need to counter proposal for working level talks the other uninstall costs were being shifted to discuss suggests the resumption of cou
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8